Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 UFO Quilt Challenge from Patchwork Times

I'm joining the world of blogs to participate in Judy L's 2011 UFO Challenge.  I am a rookie computer user and blogger but I have been quilting for 40+ years.  My first quilt was a Cathedral Window done completely by hand.  My college roommate's Aunt Rose was making one and she got me started.  I owe her for the joy I get from quilting.

My home is currently undergoing a major renovation.  My husband and I are living in the back yard in our RV.  98% of my quilting stuff is packed and in storage and will be unavailable until sometime in February. However, I really want to participate in this challenge.

Luckily, I have 3 UFO's here in the RV so whatever number is chosen, I will start with one of them.

As with most of you, I had no trouble coming up with 12 projects to put on my list.  I know there are many more but this will be a great start.  I will add photos of those on hand when I fugure more out about this blog.

UFO Challenge 2011

1.   Can’t See the Forest for the Trees (finish hand quilting and bind)
2.   Can of Worms (a few blocks are complete)
3.   Fall Quilt Swap 2009 (quilt, bind and maybe bead)
4.   Double Wedding Ring wall hanging (rings 75% made)
5.  Millenium BOM 2000 (add borders, quilt and bind)
6.  Christmas Row by Row Challenge 1998? (rows are complete)
7.  Craftmart BOM  (make a few more blocks and complete quilt)
8.   Mended Hearts (make more blocks and complete quilt)
9.   Signature block swap (make more blocks and complete quilt)
10.   Stars row by row swap (needs borders, quilting and binding)
11.   Chinese coin quilt (quilt and bind)
12.  Blue and Green Yellow Brick Road  (quilt and bind)