Sunday, April 28, 2013

Design Wall Monday 4/29/2013

I have been working on a R/W/B quilt mystery through Quilts 4 Military Yahoo group.  This one was real mystery.  It is the 3rd one I have done with the group and I have liked each one.

I did not get all the blocks finished but I had enough to try to figure out the mystery.  No such luck!  So, I looked at the last clue and started arranging the blocks on my wall.   This is the quilt shown at the reveal:

I am using red and blue scraps that are pretty dark.  I decided to rearrange the pattern to lighten up the corners.  There is another row needed on the right side of the quilt but my wall did not have room.  I am missing some blocks in the middle but I think you can see where I am going with this quilt.

I'm pretty pleased with this lay out.  My husband was a big help too!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

On the needles 4/26/2013

Can you believe it, this year is just rushing by.  I know many of you are still in winter time but here in Arizona, we are having a wonderful spring.  I'm not trying to rub it in, but we don't often get any spring at all-just lots of really, really hot weather.  It is so nice to have spring and get to sit outside and enjoy the weather.

We live in a neighborhood of acre lots and we have lots of trees.  We have irrigation available to us (less expensive) and we use it instead of city water for our yard.  We get water twice a month in the sprain/summer/fall.  It takes about 24 hours for the water to soak in.  Our yard looks like a big lake- and sometimes we get drop in visitors.  This is our front yard.

Just before bed last night, I finished one pair of my pooling challenge socks.  I chose 4 different yarns and started 4 pairs of socks.  These starts did not work for the competition so I began to finish them up in the hope that things would change.

This is the first pair completed:

This is Lorna Laces yarn in daffodil.  The only pooling was in the heel/gusset area which you can usually count on happening.  The is the Simple Skyp pattern, free on Ravelry.  I have small feet and I like my socks fitted, so I use 56 stitches through out the leg and foot area.  The socks do look a little stretched in these photos so I think I will use 60 stitches next time.

Friday, April 19, 2013

On the needles

I have several pairs of socks started thinking each would fit well with Judy L's pooling challenge.

Ha-so far the joke is on me.

The only pooling is in the gusset area and we all know that often happens.  The remainder of the socks look nicely striped!  I still have 2 other starts that I hope will pool or flash!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stash Report April 14th

Another week with a shopping trip to LQS's, of course, resulted in more fabric.  I found 2 more neutrals for my stash.  One of them, I am already cutting into for the latest mystery quilts with the  Quilts 4 Military Yahoo site.  

Fabric in this week 6 1/4 yards
Fabric in 2013:      27 1/4 yard
Fabric out since last report:   0 yard
Usage for 2013    11 3/4 yards
Total damage   +15 1/4 yards

I also purchased some Retro Clean for a sweet little quilt I have that has some unidentified stains on it. This little quilt was a baby gift for my husband's Mother's birth.  She was just 97 years old in early March.  I have read good things about this cleaner and I'm hoping it will remove the few spots on my quilt.  When I wash it I will let you know the results.  The work on this quilt is just beautiful and I wan to keep it  in the best condition I can.

Friday, April 5, 2013

On the Needles/ pooling challenge

So far, not real good.  I have started 4 different socks with my choices for the pooling sock yarn challenge.  So far, I have more stripes then pools or flashes.

I first one I worked on looks amazing but not for this challenge.  The stripes. coloration make me think of a letter sweater-my high school colors were garnet and grey (but the sweaters were white).

The next 2

This last one shows some poling potential in the blue and green-here's hoping.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What I'm Reading

I am almost finished with the autobiographical story of a 19 year old college students affair with JFK.  It is a very quick read; the story made me sad and at the same time angry.

Once Upon a Secret, my affair with President John F. Kennedy and its aftermath by Mimi Alford.


"In the summer of 1962, nineteen-year-old Mimi Beardsley arrived in Washington, D.C., to begin an internship in the White House press office. After just three days on the job, the privileged but sheltered young woman was presented to the President himself. Almost immediately, the two began an affair that would continue for the next eighteen months. Emotionally unprepared to counter the President’s charisma and power, Mimi was also ill-equipped to handle the feelings of isolation that would follow as she fell into the double life of a college student who was also the secret lover of the most powerful man in the world. After the President’s assassination in Dallas, she grieved alone, locked her secret away, and tried to start a new life, only to be blindsided by her past.

Now, no longer defined by silence or shame, Mimi Alford finally unburdens herself with this unflinchingly honest account of her life and her extremely private moments with a very public man."

It is a fascinating story of a powerful man who misused his position.  Taken in the context of the times, it is a story of innocence lost and lives changed.  Currently, this story wouldn't be such a big deal or surprise but for those of us who grew up in the 60's and were awed by JFK and his family and the dream of Camelot, it is a sad tale indeed.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I can't show my design wall today since it is a secret.  So, I am going to share what my quilt group calls the Dudes Quilt.  I made one a while back and 2 of my quilt friends recently worked on theirs while we were on a retreat.

This one is mine.  I made it using fat quarters so the size of my blocks were limited.

These are my Mother/Daughter quilting
friends.  Mom took a structured lay out approach and after she had about half the blocks done, started laying them out and manipulating the fabric for the rest of the blocks before sewing them together so she got the results she wanted.

Here is the Daughter's quilt-partially random and partially planned but all after the blocks were made.

Check out how these easy blocks are made.  The first source is a PDF pattern from the 3 Dudes Quilt Shop and the second source is a video made by the Missouri Star Quilt Shop using the Dudes method.