Monday, July 30, 2012

Design Wall and Stash Enhancement Report

This is truly a stash enhancement.  I recently participated in a strip swap at the Quiltville yahoo swap group.  So, I didn't gain or lose any fabric but I did enhance my strip collection.

Each of these bags/piles contain 10 strips-140 new strips!  I have already cut 2 1/2" squares off each strip for my blue double Irish Chain UFO.

I am also working on a mystery quilt with the Yahoo group Mysteryquilts4military.  So far I am almost finished with the 4th clue.  I am using scrappy red and blue fabric.  My fabric is all close in value so I did not get a very scrappy look.  Here are some of the blocks on my design wall-although I do not know the final lay out.  So far there are 10 of each block.  My white design wall does not compliment the top at all.

Friday, July 27, 2012

On the Needles July 27, 2012

Well time has been passing slowly here with my husband recuperating and being under foot all the time.  We did get out for a while yesterday and then he slept all afternoon.

I have been knitting while sitting around keeping him company (part of the time).  My newest socks are coming right along.

 I also decided that I needed to get a handle on my yarn stash.  I have had this lovely Nantucket style basket for several years sitting around of no real use.  (Ignor my messy fabric stash) I pulled it out and piled my yarn in it.

That should make a nice colorful decoration for next to my knitting chair.  BUT, surely there is more yarn somewhere???  Underneath the top layer are small balls of left over yarn; surely there is more nice fresh yarn to admire.

I need to do some hunting!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday July 23rd

I am late in reporting and late in completing my sewing assignment.  I am working on my second mystery quilt with the  This is my second mystery.  The first top is off to the quilter tomorrow.

I am playing catch up with the clues and now I am ready for the next clue on Friday.  I hope the next clue uses blue and maybe no triangles this time.

These quilts will be donated too QOV and Hospice of the Valley.

I am enjoying both the process and the results.  I wanted this quilt to be scrappy but not knowing what the final product will look like-I'm afraid I played it too safe.  I am using the same background fabric in all the blocks but scrappy reds and blues.  I used 7 different red fabrics but I think they are so similar that it will not look scrappy at all.  I will use more variety in the blue fabrics I choose.

I love the bonus HST's that I have from the flying geese blocks.  I may use them in this quilt or then again????

Check out this Yahoo group if you are looking for some fun mystery quilts to donate to QOV.

Friday, July 20, 2012

On the needles July 20, 2012

It has been a strange slow week here.  My husband had back surgery on Tuesday so I needed busy unthinking work.  I took a new skein of yarn and my basic "go to sock" pattern with me to the hospital.  I think I saw this yarn on Judy D's site a few On the Needles ago.  I ordered it right away because I loved the bright colors.

My husband did well and his leg and foot pains are completely gone already.  Of course, that has been replaced by the pain from the surgery.  I brought him home yesterday and he is feeling much better today but I think he will wind down this afternoon and feel more uncomfortable.  Time will make it all go away!

I also dragged out this sweater I made for my MIL after we got first married.  She must have saved it for "good" as it looks brand new and it must be almost 40 years old.  I no longer have the pattern or remember where it came from.  I really like the cable pattern especially around the bottom.  I stabilized the front with grograin ribbon on the reverse side of the placket.

I wish it fit me.  I need to find a home for it with someone who will use it.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

On the Needles- July 13th

I wanted to show you the socks that started me knitting socks. Several years ago,  I was visiting NYC with a friends and we visited the Folk Art Museum.  I was already collecting socks and couldn't resist buying these.  Some lucky person has a pair just like them.

So after getting hooked on Judy L's site and seeing her socks I was ready.  I emailed Judy and she offered some advice and told me about her favorite pattern.  I bought some yarn and the rest is history!

This yarn arrived yesterday from Grant Creek Yarn-I love it!

My Simple Skyp socks are almost complete.  I will temporarily give them as a birthday gift tonight.  When I see how they fit, I will finish them and bestow them on the new owner permanently!  Then on to other things.

I have been looking a shawl patterns.  I don't need one here in Arizona but I'm ready to make some-I'm in love with the look of lace and I think a shawl would be more time consuming then socks.  A good indoor air conditioning project.

Visit Patchwork Times and look at all the great knitting projects.

Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6th, On the Needles

I am still working on my skyp socks which are a gift for one of my quilting friends.  I mentioned before that she has bunions so I made the foot of the sock a little larger then usual.  I have finished one sock but I have not closed the toe in case I need to redo part of the foot.  Being optimistic, I have started the second sock.  I will be seeing her on the 13th and I'd like to have both socks ready to close the toe then.

This yarn, Stroll from KnitPicks makes such nice stripes but notice the heel and the area in the toe where it pooled.  It is a mystery to me.  Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't.

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