Friday, July 27, 2012

On the Needles July 27, 2012

Well time has been passing slowly here with my husband recuperating and being under foot all the time.  We did get out for a while yesterday and then he slept all afternoon.

I have been knitting while sitting around keeping him company (part of the time).  My newest socks are coming right along.

 I also decided that I needed to get a handle on my yarn stash.  I have had this lovely Nantucket style basket for several years sitting around of no real use.  (Ignor my messy fabric stash) I pulled it out and piled my yarn in it.

That should make a nice colorful decoration for next to my knitting chair.  BUT, surely there is more yarn somewhere???  Underneath the top layer are small balls of left over yarn; surely there is more nice fresh yarn to admire.

I need to do some hunting!


  1. Love that basket!!! You can't blame me for that yarn. LOL But you can tell me where you ordered it from so I can get some too. :)
    Hope hubby is doing well and staying out from under your feet. Recouping husbands are quite a challenge.

  2. YOur socks look great. Love the basket of yarn.