Friday, July 20, 2012

On the needles July 20, 2012

It has been a strange slow week here.  My husband had back surgery on Tuesday so I needed busy unthinking work.  I took a new skein of yarn and my basic "go to sock" pattern with me to the hospital.  I think I saw this yarn on Judy D's site a few On the Needles ago.  I ordered it right away because I loved the bright colors.

My husband did well and his leg and foot pains are completely gone already.  Of course, that has been replaced by the pain from the surgery.  I brought him home yesterday and he is feeling much better today but I think he will wind down this afternoon and feel more uncomfortable.  Time will make it all go away!

I also dragged out this sweater I made for my MIL after we got first married.  She must have saved it for "good" as it looks brand new and it must be almost 40 years old.  I no longer have the pattern or remember where it came from.  I really like the cable pattern especially around the bottom.  I stabilized the front with grograin ribbon on the reverse side of the placket.

I wish it fit me.  I need to find a home for it with someone who will use it.

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  1. That sweater is gorgeous. It must have taken you forever to make it. Love the socks you're knitting.

  2. Oh my, that sweater is indeed gorgeous!!

    Hope your husband is feeling perfect soon.