Monday, June 27, 2011

Design Wall Monday June 27, 2011

I have been working on a pattern from Bonnie K. Hunter called Star Struck.  It is available for free at her website.  It is a great scrap pattern for lights and darks.  I started with 15 FQ's in blue, yellow and green.  I added a few other pieces to it and just started cutting.  I can see that It would have helped to have more lights but I just am working with what I have on hand.

I have lots more to sew together and then the rearranging will begin.  I am going to try Gina-Marie's hint from her post this morning on Patchwork Times.  I will print a photo in black and white to help with the positioning.  Thanks, Gina-Marie.  I think I will separate these blocks with dark blue sashing.

Here is a blue, yellow and white quilt I did many years ago.  It was primarily Daisy Kingdom Fabric with others added in.   My friend Sharon did an awesome job of quilting this and she was just starting out in business.  The quilt is named Blue Skies and Sunshine and I asked her to quilt a sun and it's rays on the quilt.  If you enlarge the photo you can see the quilting.  This was the first quilt I submitted for our  Arizona Quilters Guild show.

I cross stitch all my labels and try to add an appropriate saying to my gift quilts as well.


  1. Hi Judy! I love the vibrant colors in your star-struck top. Beautiful! Cross stitching your labels is a clever idea. My labels always look like after thoughts (mainly because they are), but I really like the cross stitched look. And while I'm fawning over your photos, I might as well tell you that the quilted sun/rays on your Blue Skies and Sunshine quilt is perfect! Very innovative! Have a happy week! :)

  2. This just proves you can't go wrong with blues and yellows, and with green thrown in, marvelous! Beatiful quilts, and a lovely label.

  3. Your label is wonderful! Great idea!