Friday, August 31, 2012

OTN August 31, 2012

Wow!  Can you believe it- the year/summer has just flown by.   Almost time to wear all these new socks.

I have just finished a sock made from Stroll yarn from KnitPicks.  I have made several pair of socks from this kind of yarn and have liked it but this time I was pretty disappointed.  There were 3 different areas where the yarn was pieced-never happened before with this brand of yarn.  I have not started the second sock and hope I don't find the same.  I will send a message to the company to let them know what I experienced.

The color is Sunset Multi but I call it Butterscotch.  Parts of the sock look striped and part looks solid.  If you look carefully at the solid part, it is actually stripped but the colors don't vary enough to be noticeable.

I also started a new pair of socks that will be a birthday gift for one of my quilting buddies.  She loves green and wears lots of neutrals.  I think this HULK yarn from is perfect for her.

I tried adding a pattern to the leg area but it did not show enough to be worth the extra time.  I am really
happy with the way this one is coming out.  I like the color randomly dispersed.

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  1. Fun socks! I agree it's really annoying to find knots in your yarn!

  2. Yuck! Knots! I love Stroll yarn, but avoid the multi's because they always pool in such a weird way in my size. I really like the Stroll handpainted and tonals. Wonderful socks... I especially like the yarn used for the gift socks.

  3. Love your socks!
    You might look into joining the Green Party for Sock the Vote on Rav Singlehanded Knits! It has been super fun so far.
    Glad you linked up with Judy! B

  4. Definitely need to let the company know about that yarn problem. So sad, especially since the yarn is such a beautiful color. You do a great job!