Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stash Report 2/27/2011

Total used this week         0
Total used year to date   0
Total added this week     0
Total added year to date  11
Net gained year to date      11

I began unpacking my sewing room stuff and fondling fabric.  I am dying to cut and piece and cut and piece some more.   I found a PIG that will make an awesome quilt for our newly painted bedroom.  I had bought the material for something else-years ago, 2006 I think but now it has a new purpose.  This is Rites of Spring, Bannock and Patek for Moda.

Unfortunately, there is a whole house to unpack.  The movers will be here tomorrow with the bulk of the furnishing.

Maybe some cutting as a treat later on today!  I have not cut or pieced since just before Thanksgiving.  I so miss it.  At least I had some hand work and some knitting to keep me from going crazy.


  1. LOVE this fabric line! It will look good in any pattern you make! Hope you decide to take a break from unpacking once in a while and cut some fabric for a few minutes!

  2. Wonderful fabrics! Good luck getting everything unpacked!

  3. Nice fabric! I agree that you should treat yourself to some cutting/quilting. For every hour you spend unpacking, spend 5-10 minutes cutting. Before you know it, you'll have the unpacking done and a quilt cut out and ready to sew.

  4. It looks like you have been working hard, and I think you deserve some fun time with those pretty fabrics. Hmmm I could rationalize this by saying that you are cutting up this fabric for redecorating your bedroom.