Monday, April 25, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Ode to Scraps

I have wanted to get involved in scrap quilting for a long time.  I have played with it on and off.  I had heard of leaders and enders quite a while ago at a guild meeting.  It made sense and I tried it a little but mostly tried to plan my planned quits so I could use those pieces as leaders and enders.

Several years ago, some quilt buddies and I took a Scrap Theory class.  I even bought the "special" ruler.  After getting home and starting to cut my scraps into useable pieces, I realized that the theory used different sizes then the standard 2 1/2" etc.   The scraps sizes would work the same in that they played well with each other,  but they did not easily equate to the usual pattern sizes.  I don't mind occasionally doing the math but not for each and every quilt.  Anyway, I sort of abandoned cutting up my scraps.

I did have lots of 2 1/2" strips from several swaps I took part in.  The strips mostly resulted in log cabin quilts-easy to do, great looking but been there, done that!

So, after reading all these blogs through Judy L's Patchwork Times, I have once again caught the scrap bug and this time I am going to follow through on it.  I got out some of my scrap related books and patterns and even bought Bonnie K. Hunter's books.  So, my research is done and I'm doing it!!!!!!

This UFO is about 5 years old.  It is a Debbie Caffrey worms pattern.  Our small group was working on it at a retreat.  So, now it will be a leader/ender project.

I have started cutting into my 2 1/2" strips (for a few squares) and my stash-about an hour a day.  I feel so good about what I have accomplished and where this is going.

Thank you all for your inspiration and your ideas.  I just love this little corner of blog land!


  1. I like your scrappy look! You'll have fun cutting and making two quilts at once using the Leader/ender technique.

  2. I love your quilt and I can't wait to see it finished! :)

  3. And I'm happy you are a part of this blog land. Your quilt will be fabulous. You are going to love scrap quilting and may never look back.

  4. This is very pretty! I have started a four patch leaders and enders with scraps. Seems like I'm always started a new project or a new leaders and enders! I found you on Judy Ls blog. I'm in Glendale too! Nice to meet you neighbor!
    Beth in AZ (too!)

  5. Scrap quilts are just so fun! I'm glad you decided to dig this out and finish it. I love to have one scrap quilt going at all times. Toni

  6. I love the scrappy look. I have also just started doing leaders and enders and they are so fun, like a bonus quilt out of scraps :)

  7. Scrappy is best in my book! This worm pattern looks wonderful so far. I am just about to start my first leader-ender project. Bonnie Hunter's website was the first quilting blog I ever read and was a great way to get introduced to using scraps!