Sunday, April 8, 2012

Corrrected stash report

Yikes and thanks to Nancy at Life Takes a Turn.  My math was pretty fuzzy today.

I went back through all my stash reports to double check.  I had earlier reported some awkward fractions of 1/6 and 2/3 yards.  Last report I decided to round them up or down or something and apparently that started my slide on the slipper slope.

So, the report in all accuracy should read.

Stash Report

Used this week   1 12/3 yards
used year to date   13 2/3 yards
added this week     0 yards
Added year to date  13 1/2 yards

Net used      1/6 of a yard

Since I'm back on this post, I wanted to show you one of my latest sock finishes.  This is Paradise Blue Glimmer Hand Dyed from Grant Creek Yarns.  It looks like denim with silver threads.  The pattern is Simple Skyp, a free pattern from Adrienne Ku on Ravelry.  It is an easy pattern to use.  Thanks for telling us about it, Judy L.

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