Monday, March 21, 2011

Design Wall Monday March 21, 2011

My design wall is finally back up-at least temporarily.  It is in fact, always temporary.  I have a large laundry room/office/pantry and that is where  my design wall gets put up.  It is over some storage cabinets. It is a really nice location because I can get back quite a way to get a good look at my project.

See the pole attached to the cabinet near the ceiling.  I just take the pole and slip it through a sleeve sewn into a flannel table cloth.  It is slick-great thinking on Hubby's part.

Here is my Ladybug Hugs quilt (again) on the design wall.  I need to embroider the face and antennae so it is ready to be quilted.  Oh, yeah and piece the back.

My MIL gave me this thread chest.  It is old but not REAL old.  Look at all those wooden spools.


  1. Love the design wall! And the thread chest. My dad gave me the chest that my mom bought for his mom years ago. He thought I should have it and it has so many spools inside. I love it that he thought I should have it. :)

  2. I was just thinking this morning that I should look for one of those at an antique store...Love the wood spools.

  3. You have nice cabinets too. Did the DH help with those? Cute lady bug quilt.