Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Now I did it!

When we planned our home re-model, I wanted to upgrade from the old battery operated smoke alarms to ones that were hard wired in series.  Hubby did not want to do that but I insisted.  So, now we have alarms in every bedroom and hall way.  Before we had only 2 alarms.

When the electrician put them in, I noticed that the one in the sewing room was right over the place my iron sits-can you see where this is going?  I pointed it out to Hubby.  He said the iron wouldn't set the alarm off.

HaHa!  This morning, I turned on the iron and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth.  Alarms all over the house started shreeking.  We had no idea how to stop them.  I did put on the ceiling fan and they stopped.

How is this my fault???????

This quilt was made by a Mother and Daughter in my group.  The dark border is much nicer in person.  This was a quilt from one of M'Liss Rae Hawley's books.

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