Monday, March 14, 2011

Design Wall Monday March14, 2011

My design wall has not been reinstalled yet so I am using a design key rack and door lever.

Purses are very "in" right now.  I rarely carry one and if I do, it is small.  However, I just love all the new designs and the fabric combinations.   Have you seen SNAP HAPPY! by Stitchin' Sisters.  It is a fun little purse.  It comes in 3 sizes and you will never guess what keeps snaps it closed and keeps it shut.  I made several this past weekend at retreat.

The orange/black combination was made from 2 fat quarters.  The small one was from scraps.

See the secret ingredient?  It is a piece of cheap tape measure.  You can find them for 99 cents at the 99 Cents only store.  Don't use a "good" as they are too stiff.  You just pull on the prairie points to open the bag.

I also finished up 2 grocery sacks which are a gifs for a friend.  I used Oak Street's pattern Fold-N-Go Green Grocery Bag.  The bags are fully lined and the bag is a little complicated to make but the pattern instructions and pictures are very helpful.

They also have a small wine carrier that has 4 compartments.  I made one a while ago for a gift and forgot to take a photo-it was much more complicated to make.

Be sure to check out the other design walls.


  1. Cute bags. I do see a lot of bags on various blogs, but I am not much of a bag lady so I don't make them for myself. My girls like them and I have made them a few.

  2. I saw a tutorial once with those metal rulers! Auuuuuhh! I have to rush out and find some now.


  3. Love the little purses - very stylish! And that grocery bag is a project I need to look into. I like that it is lined- a nice touch.

  4. Love the purses, especially the large one. Is the metal hard to cut? I love making bags also - mostly totes but some purses as well.