Monday, May 9, 2011

Design Wall Monday May 9, 2011

My design wall is empty today but I wanted to show off these "old" quilts.

My small group of quilting friends exchanged strips several years ago and we all made log cabin quilts.  Amazing how many different looks resulted.  I do not have photos of the others but I will try to get them on my computer so I can share them with you.  We all put our quilts in the Arizona Quilters Guild show and it was so cool seeing them all hanging togethers!

The quilting was done by my friend, Sharon Brooks.  Her work is outstanding and I'm so glad she is a friend and quilting buddy.

This next quilt is very similar.  The strip swap was repeated with a guild chapter I belonged to at the time.   Sharon Brooks quilted this one as well using designs you may recognize.  I can't remember the designer off hand but will check it out and acknowledge her later.

I made this quilt for my Mom.

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  1. Gorgeous quilt. I love log cabin quilts. Never have met one I didn't like :)

  2. I love your log cabin. Exchanging strips for a log cabin makes so much more since than exchanging blocks.