Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 a day we all remember

It has been a sad and reflective day but full of hope for the future as well.  I know this event touched all your lives and hopefully we are all better people for it.

I have not had a stash report for ages.  I have sort of lost track and need to review and recalculate.  Last Sunday when I was reading the stash reports I had a DUH moment.  This summer while we were away, I was collecting shirts from thrift stores to use for my niece's wedding quilt and for other quilts.  The prices were so much better in small towns then here in Phoenix.

Anyway, I was merrily collecting away, never thinking that I was adding to my stash-that's the DUH part. I guess I'll go over the piles when I'm finished dismantling the shirts and estimate what I have added!!!

I am working on another quilt top for the Linus Project.  The material was all provided and I did not count it as part of my stash so I can't count it out either.  It is based on a cute animal print and was a very easy pattern.

I am so glad everyone continues to make posts.  Even tho I was unable to post while we were away, I still enjoyed reading the posts.

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