Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crumbling Along Step 1

Wow, this looked so easy!  I think I was over thinking the whole thing.  The 2 blocks I made are neat-I like it but oh, I struggled.  I only put out a few scraps and so I was trying to manipulate them too much.  At least I think that was the problem.

I am also concerned that after trimming the blocks, I have some very thin pieces and seam allowances too close to the edge of the blocks.  I'll have to watch that in the future.

Come join us Crumbling Along with Jo.  See the button on the left.


  1. They are wonderful. Don't worry about the small seams. After everything gets together all that disappears.

  2. Hi Judy! Your link over at Jo's didn't work for me (said I didn't have permission to view your site) but I tracked you down by your comment on my blog! Your blocks look the black and white!

  3. Hi Judy. Great blocks. Don't worry about the small seams, when you're joining blocks just put that block next to one with no seams near the edge.