Monday, September 5, 2011

Design Wall Monday September 5th

I have not been posting for a while but I have kept up on all the other posts.  I would really miss not have access to Judy L's site!  I have been using RVWiFi while we were up north in cooler country for the summer.  Unfortunately I was unable to load photos for this blog after the system was repaired (after a lightening strike).

I pieced this little quilt on quick trips home and it is at the quilter's now.  I'm hoping to have it back and bound before the next design wall.  It is a baby quilt for my neighbor's latest grandson.  I don't have the magazine handy to reference the pattern but I will include that in next Monday's report.

Check out the rest of the reports today.


  1. Heidi, are you a full or part-time RVer? I'm always interested in anyone who RVs! Your top is pretty -- it feels good to get one off to the quilter, huh?! :)

  2. Lovely...simple and gorgeous. The colors are wonderful.

  3. Judy I really like your quilt!
    I am also a Judy D from AZ. But I live in Tucson. Small world. Stay Cool