Thursday, June 7, 2012

On the needles-first post

Judy at Patchwork Times is going to start posting her knitting in progress on Fridays and has invited us to join in with our posts.

Judy actually got me started in knitting socks.  I knit years ago and made lots of sweaters when I lived back east.  Living in Phoenix, AZ, I haven't much use for sweaters but I do love kooky socks.  When the economy started to slide, it seemed to me that fewer neat socks were available and those I found were not well made.  About then I started following Judy and there she was making socks.  So, I bought some yarn, dug out my Mom's needles, found a free pattern and away I went.  Well it wasn't quite that easy but once I had faith in the pattern and followed it exactly-even tho it didn't sound right- there I was with a sock and a new obsession.

I buy most of my yarn on line and like quilting material you get what you pay for.  Yikes, who knew some of my socks cost more then the shoes I was wearing.

One of my favorite sources for yarn is ETSY.  My favorite shop on that site is Grant Creek Yarns but wow it is everybody else's too and it is hard to get any yarn from there these days!

I am using a pattern recommended by Judy with is free from Ravelry. Actually there are 2 patterns both by Adrienne KU.  The first is Simple Skyp Socks and the second is Skyp Rib Socks.

These are the first pair I made using this pattern.  They are the Grant Creek Yarn paradise blue glitter pair and I wish you could see the silver threads in them.

Then I tried the more complex pattern.  This is blue violet multi yarn by Stroll from Knit Picks.  I did not continue the pattern down into the foot because I forgot and didn't want to take the time to go back and correct it.

Now I am back to using the Simple Skyp pattern with 1 completed and one partially completed.

This yarn looks very denim in real colors.  This is Madelinetosh Merino Light in Mourning Dove.

Thanks for checking out my latest socks.  I hope you got some "new" ideas.  I'm looking forward to the other posts for new ideas as well.


  1. Your socks are so pretty! Love the colors! and yes, where yarn and fabric are concerned I think you get what you pay for. Sock yarns are my favorites - so many choices - and I love to knit socks. Its addictive- LOL!

  2. Beautiful socks and you're surely staying busy! Thanks for posting on the link box today.

  3. Wonderful socks. I need to check out Skyp Rib Socks pattern, I like how the ribbing looks.