Friday, June 29, 2012

On the Needles Friday

I received  yarn this week from Webs; it was all on clearance.  The middle skein is Plymouth Socketta and it is no longer available.  The others are Regia Fusi Color yarn.  I have not used it before but the colors were so happy looking and the price was great.

My current socks use Knit Picks Stroll yarn in Parlor multi.  I am using the simple skyp pattern again.  The pattern is not as obvious with this yarn but it is better then "plain vanilla."  These socks will be a birthday gift for a quilting buddy who has terrible bunions.  I looked at some discussions on Ravelry and found some good advice.  I am making the socks a little larger and the natural stretchiness of the yard should be all the compensation needed for the bunions.  I just love my little knitting tote.  It was a gift from my niece, Tara.  The size is perfect for little projects like socks.

The color in this photo is more true to life.

Thanks for checking in.


  1. LOVE those colors!
    Email me with your address and I will send you that pattern for the snowman. It was gifted to me so I will re-gift it to you if you want it.

  2. That sock looks great! Love the colors. As for that Regia yarn, I've made socks with it and I really like it. It knits up nicely and you can machine wash & dry them. I love those green skeins -- such cool colors!

  3. Not only do I love the color of the yarn you're using for the socks, the way it stripes is GORGEOUS! Your friend is sure to love them!