Friday, June 15, 2012

On the needles June 15th

This is the second Friday that Judy L is posting "On the Needles".  I am still working on the same pair of socks that I posted last week at this time.  I have turned the heel and I'm working on the instep.

Last week, Judy W, posted about her socks and about a book I just had to have.  Luckily it came before we headed out on the road in our RV.  This book has a neat mix and match section and I'm going to use if for my next pair.

This is from the book, Socks a la carte 2.

Judy L has often written about her problem with only finishing one sock and then moving on to start another pair. I NEVER do this and felt rather superior.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

I was looking through my yarn to pick some skeins to take along on our trip and look what I found:

Not only isn't this last sock not finished but it is unravelling-I have plenty of stitch holders so why????  The yarn is Glass Peony from Grant Creek Yarns.

AND here's another unfinished pair that only needs to have the toe woven together.

This is more yarn from Grant Creek.  I think it was called red brick.

Guaranteed these socks will be finished by next Friday's post.


  1. Love the red brick yarn. Funny how projects get stalled with just a tiny bit left!

  2. I have Socks A La Carte too, and I love flipping through the pages. You'll have lots of finished socks to show next week.

  3. Oh you are still doing better in the 2nd sock area than me. I have several half pairs which are residing in plastic bags with a ball of yarn just waiting for me to return - someday - LOL!

    Love the colors of the yarn -- so pretty!

  4. You will have these socks finished up in no time! Love the red! Isn't it fun to look down and see such great socks on your feet???