Friday, November 16, 2012

On the Needles November 16, 2012

I finished these socks last night while I was enjoying our first evening all month without company-sigh!  I love my brother and his wife BUT company for 2 weeks can be a trial.  We had lots of fun, great meals and more fun but I'm glad to have our lives back to "normal."

These are for my quilting friend Katrina-a late birthday gift.  This is KnitPicks Stroll tonal yarn in Wine Tasting.  Katrina had asked for red and purple socks and she enjoys a glass of wine.  I think these hit the mark!  The colors are more muted and wine-like then the photo shows.  I tried to photograph them on different backgrounds with little change in the results.

Then I went back to the green socks I had been knitting at the beginning of October.  I put them aside to take up the Socktober Challenge when the Opal yarns arrived.  I have barely started the second sock.  This is malabrigo yarn but I have misplaced the tag and cannot tell you the color name.  This photo is a fairly good representation of the color.  These socks are for my friend Dianne, a lover of green.   It is the first time I used this kind of yarn and it feels great!

I am still behind 2 pair of birthday socks for this year.  The yarn is selected and I think it is about time to try a new pattern.  The last 2 pair I have knitted or am knitting are from the SKYP sock pattern from Ravelry.  I did not join the 12 in 2012 sock challenge but looking back at this years posts I have made at least 12 pair!  I have given about half that away.  I have been looking at my over flowing sock drawer and it needs to be straightened and organized.  I'll save that for another post.

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  1. Beautiful socks! I love the Stroll yarn - gotta go check it out! Have a great weekend!