Friday, November 9, 2012

On the Needles

Maybe the title of this post should be finishing leftovers and new beginnings.

These are the leftover Socktober Opal socks.  I started them first and the second sock had a fatal flaw in the pattern!  So I went on to other socks for the challenge.  I went back to them at the very end of October and pulled out all but the ribbing.  Here they are in all their glory.  I'm not very concerned about matching the colors in this yarn.  I'm not sure its possible so I just knit away!  This is the Jenk sock pattern, free on Ravelry.  It is an easy pattern but somehow I got it all off center-solely my fault.

 This the new beginning.  It is Simple Skyp and I think my most favorite pattern!  This is KnitPicks Yarn, Stroll Tonal Yarn called Wine Tasting.  The color is not quite right in the photos.  The colors are not so bright and they are more wine looking.  This pair is a birthday gift for one of my quilting buddies and we do seem to consume just enough wine when we are all together.

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  1. Nice socks. Congrats on finishing.

  2. great socks!!! I have to try that heel.

  3. Great socks and I love the second sock how it slants. My new socks are with Stroll yarn-I really like how it feels.