Monday, November 12, 2012

SIL's design wall

My brother and his wife are visiting from upstate NY.  My SIL, Pam is a beginning quilter and hasn't sewn for a long, long time.  She has made some small projects and quilts recently without any lessons or patterns.  So we tried a few projects.

She made this lap quilt top with her first ever HST.  I think she had fun after getting over her fear of screwing up my "fancy" sewing machine or ruining my fabric.

My machine is 26 years old so hardly fancy by today's standards but her machine is very plain which is all she really needs at this point.  I was so pleased to have her use some of my stash.

She also made lots of pillowcases.  She was amazed how fast and easy they were.  The grandkids will be thrilled!

Then she got real brave and she made a reversible table runner following Sharon Pederson's method and pattern from the book More Reversible Quilts.  It is Christmas on one side and fall on the other.

My family is leaving on Thursday.  I am itching to get my sewing room back and get some sewing time for myself.  BUT I am so very glad that I have passed my addiction on to Pam.

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