Friday, March 1, 2013

What's on the needles?

I have been away visiting family and had a great time.  My niece and her family joined us and I got to meet my newest great niece, Julia.  She is almost 2 and so sweet.  Her 5 year old brother, RJ is a great little boy and always very active.

After they left us, they went to Sea World.  We received this photo with the caption "What's wrong with this picture?"

I have been working on this sock while I was away.  I forgot to bring my yarn needle so I could not weave in the thread tail or close the toe.  I will finish it up tonight and cast on the second sock.

The pattern is Faux Cable Rib Socks by Jen Hansen from Knitting like Crazy.  I saw the pattern used in another Friday post a while ago.  It is a very easy pattern and no cable needle is needed-only some knit 2 together and yarn over stitches.

I was using new DPN's that I purchased from KnitPicks.  They are a set of 6" Nickel Plated needles from size 2.00mm to 3.25mm.  I like the smoothness and good points on the needles but I wish they were 7 inches long.  I miss that 1".

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  1. Love your sock. I want to be a sock knitter, but it seems I prefer to knit other things. I'm determined to keep going with learning socks though and I'm working on the Magic Loop way now.

  2. Love the yarn and your pattern choice is great. Lovely work.

  3. beautiful yarn and socks I will look for the pattern that's the knind of cable I think I can do

  4. Love those colors ~ beautiful socks!

    Enjoy your trip & travel safe (actually, sounds like you might be home already....?).


  5. Love the sock. Cute family. Some times the big kids just need to cruise. Love the skateboard on the stroller. Whoda' thought???

  6. The yarn and the pattern are lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your yarn color is very pretty and I like the idea of making cables without a cable stitch holder. Sounds like maybe it would be easy enough for me. Thanks for mentioning that.

  8. It is almost time for me to make another attempt at socks. Soon. ...[sigh]...