Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Design Wall Monday #2

I must remember to take my photos in the daylight.  These are not well colored.

I was sitting here enjoying browsing all the postings when I realized I had not made one!

I finished 2 pairs of socks this week.  The purple pair is for me.  I used a very simple pattern and the various purple shades in the sock yarn look great.  The yarn is purplepalooza from Grant Creek Yarns that I purchased on ETSY.  I made the variegated ones for a friend of mine to celebrate her 5 year anniversary of being free of breast cancer.  I am a little disappointed with the pooling of the colors but they certainly are bright and cheery.  The yarn came from KnitPicks.

I am working on a block swap with my small group of quilting buddies.  We got the wild idea to swap drink blocks.  I have had since last June to work on these and the deadline has been extended twice (it started out as September).  I really do know better then to procrastinate BUT...

These are 2 sample blocks.  I need to put caps on the bottles-I have a sateen orange which compliments the batik margarita mix in the bottle.  I used tulle over all the green parts on the right bottle and it dulled the green too much.  Funny since the tulle is nice and shiny with a gold hint to it.  The left bottle, I only used the tulle over the background for the neck of the bottle.  I cross stitched the labels for the bottles-you can see I had good intentions to get this done in 2011!  So now I need to make 12 blocks for the swap by Friday evening-I best hit the machine first thing tomorrow and get it done!

Thanks for checking in with me and Judy at Patchwork Times.


  1. I LOVE the yellow socks! I know others don't like when the colors pool but I search out yarns that do that (yes I am a little crazy) - What yarn was that from Knitpicks? They are one of my favorite online stores.

    The wine bottles are very cool - love the fabrics!

  2. I love the socks! I have some made from knit picks yarn that pooled like that but I love them still! It just makes them more fun. :)
    Fun quilt blocks.

  3. I'm just catching up! Your socks are marvelous...I love the yellow ones -- so happy! :)

  4. Love your socks and the blocks! What fun!