Sunday, January 1, 2012

Design Wall Monday #1 2012

I am currently away from home and my design wall.  But, I wanted to start off the year on the right foot since I've missed so many posts late in 2011.

I made this quilt late last year as a house warming gift for our good friends.  They are very conservative color wise and I used a paint chip the color of one wall in their living room.

Isn't the quilting great?  My friend Tammy does such good work both in the designing and quilting.

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  1. It's beautiful! I love the label, too!! :)

  2. The quilt is gorgeous, and the quilting striking! Home run~!

  3. The quilt is pretty but did you mean to post it on Bonnie's blog for her Orca Bay mystery quilt?

    Happy sewing

  4. A beautiful quilt...what a wonderful gift. Love the label.