Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stash Report 1/22/12

DH and I are in Puerto Penasco, Mexico where we are lucky enough to have a little trailer in an old run down trailer park on the beach.  It is so nice here and we have many good friends here now from Canada, California and Nevada.  It is the time of year we look forward to since we only see these folks once a year.

So, no purchases and no  sewing.  I do have an old sewing machine here but usually only do mending and other necessary sewing.  If I really plan to sew then I bring down my featherweight.  

My DH found this little (very heavy) gem in a Thrift store.  The bobbin case was missing.  This was before I knew my way around a computer or things like Ebay.  We paid more for the replacement bobbin case then we did for the machine.  It is all original and even the book is still there.  It runs well but is not as smooth as my Featherweight.  I probably need to have it serviced.


  1. Love your new little machine, my DH loves those old vintage ones.

  2. I love, love, love your machine. I am on the lookout for one. It looks like it's almost new. :) Enjoy your friend time--lucky, lucky you!!! Don't forget the sunscreen!

  3. Love your blog, the quilts are amazing!

    To answer your question, when you are in a restaurant in Mexico just order the albondigas and you will get a plate of............meatballs!

    It is my faborite word since high school spanish, and makes me laugh. 2011 was a tough sad and horrible year and I need to laugh this year. Hence tthe word tha makes me laugh!!

    Glen In Louisiana Or. Quiltswissy

  4. Sounds like the place to spend the winter! Your machine is darling! :)

  5. A Singer 15--what a great find. They are reliable workhorses and those big bobbins hold lots of thread. If you want to free motion the feed dogs should drop. A little cleaning, a little oil, and a new needle and she'll go at least another 50 years!

    But be careful not to lift her with the handle on the case. The wood becomes fragile and drys out. Two sets of webbing (rather like those military webbed belts connected by some sort of handle make a much better handle/harness system. Lifts from the base of the machine. (I put up all my bentwood cases after I cleaned and then liberally painted on Lemon oil (home repair store--one treadle took over a pint the first time I oiled all the wood inside and out) That was after a few cleanings with Murphy's wood soap. cabinet was much lighter without all the extra dirt and grime!