Monday, May 13, 2013

Design Wall and Packing Monday 5/13/2013

I am getting ready to head north for a quilting retreat on Thursday.  I am so glad to be able to go again so soon after being there in March.  Remember, we were almost snowed in that time.

Living in Phoenix, we are not used to snow.  Our retreat is at Tonto Rim View Lodge and it is only about 3 hours drive from home.  Obviously a great deal of that trip is up hill!

Anyway, I am collecting my squares and strips and I plan on starting a new project, Bonnie Hunter's Oklahoma Backroads.  It will be a wedding present that I need for late July.  I have a mystery quilt clue that I plan to work on and maybe a UFO???  I plan on taking too much to work on.

I finished the mystery quilt from Quilts 4 Military, which was partially complete and on my design floor  last Monday.  If I decide to put borders on it, I will also take it along on the retreat.  I have a navy blue wide fabric for the backing so no need to sew on it.  If I put borders on it, I may use some of the backing fabric.  It looks rectangular in this photo but it is actually square.

I didn't get a chance to post a stash report yesterday so I haven't counted the fabric in the top.  Hopefully next Sunday I should have an extra good report after the retreat.

Here is a little treat for Judy L.  It's a shame it is so heavy or I would have sent it to her to accompany her solar oven.

Many years ago, possible 35 or so, my BIL sent us this ROCK POT for a gift.  We did a lot of camping and I guess he thought it would be practical.  He doesn't camp but he bought one for himself as well.

There are no actual rocks but rather 2 cement discs, about 8" in diameter and maybe 2" thick.  You heated them in your campfire and then put them in an insulated bucket.  Put your food/pan on top and closed the lid.

My husband was cleaning out his workshop and came across this gem from long ago.  It was never used.  I sent a photo to my BIL and he was surprised we still had it.  He had gotten rid of his 3 years ago when he moved.  I don't know why we didn't get rid of ours when we moved 25 years ago.

Anyway we all had a good laugh.  It has been given to Goodwill so maybe someone will actually get to use it.


  1. That's a lovely place for a retreat. I love the Tonto Rim almost as much as the Mogollon. Have a wonderful time! Did you ever actually use you hot rock cooker? It sounds like a great idea.

  2. Hoping there is no snow for your retreat! Are you as excited as I am???? We will be sort of retreating together. :0) Hope you have a blast.