Sunday, May 5, 2013

Stash Report Sunday

Shopping again this week!   I had a 50% off coupon and I hunted down several end of bolt fabrics (each 20% off)-I feel so thrifty...BUT that's not what the total said.

I found some more neutrals for my collection and 2 different blue fabrics.  One of the neutrals I bought was a wide backing so that can go either way.

Fabric in this week 1 yards
Fabric in 2013:      32 yard
Fabric out since last report:   0 yard
Usage for 2013    11 3/4 yards
Total damage   +20 1/4 yards

Bit and pieces of sewing but nothing countable yet.  Check out the other stash reports at Patchwork Times.


  1. Neutrals shouldn't be part of our stash counts! Got to have them to use up all the other fabrics.... Sandi