Friday, October 5, 2012

On the Needles October 5, 2012

This year sure has rushed by-October already!

I have received my Opal yarn for Socktober fest!  The 2 skeins on the right are actually brighter then in the photo.

I have not started on this yarn yet as I need to finish the sock I am working on.  Last night I watched 2 parts of the first season of the new PBS Upstairs Downstairs.  (I love Downton Abbey and thought I would enjoy this too)  I was so involved that I messed up.  Sometimes I get a hole at the bottom of the gusset triangle on my socks.   I was not paying very close attention and wow did I have a big hole!  I have unknitted that part and I'm ready to reknit the heel/gusset this afternoon while watching the last episode of the show.  Our PBS station will run the newest episodes next month so I'll be ready.

See the mess I've made?  This is the simple Skyp pattern from free Ravelry.  The pattern shows up nicely on this malabrigo yarn.

I need to look at some patterns so I can do something new with the Opal yarn.

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  1. More pretty Opal yarns! I'm loving all the different skeins I've been seeing. These are going to make great socks. Good luck with the re-knitting. No one likes to do it but sometimes you just gotta. Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the yarn color you are using for the Skyp socks - great group of opals.