Thursday, October 25, 2012

On the needles/socktober fest a day early

Tomorrow is a busy day for me so I am posting a day early.  Hopefully by this time tomorrow, I will have finished the sock I am working on and made some good progress on the second sock in the pair.

I finished pair #2 of the Opal Socktober Fest Challenge.  I'm very pleased with the results.  This is a sock sport yarn and a little heavier then others I have made.  They will keep me toasty and feel great with my tennis shoes.  I used the Jeck sock pattern by Regina Satta, which was free on Ravelry.

I went back to the Simple SKYP pattern by Adrienne Ku (free on Ravelry) for my #3 pair of Opal socks.  This red and purple yarn is lighter then the sport yarn.  I tried 2 other patterns but there was such poor definition that I resorted to SKYP again.

There are some vague white spots throughout the yarn which add some unexpected pops of color.

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  1. Love the socks! I have several skeins of Opal that are kinda splotchy and I think Skyp might be a good match for them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Great socks! Jeck and Skyp are on my list.........

  3. Great looking socks. Love the Skyp pattern - need to do Jeck.