Friday, January 11, 2013

A good day for wool socks

Here I am in sunny Arizona and it was 32 degrees when I got up at 7am.  It is now almost 9am and the temperature is up to almost 40.  Weather has been so strange for us these past few years-as it has been other places as well.

I covered my gardenia last night and brought the 2 potted plants in from the patio.  I hope the citrus has not frozen-the trees are loaded and I'd hate to waste all that fruit.

I finished the peacock blue socks I was knitting for my friend and started another pair for myself.  I have finished one of this new pair and have the ribbing done on the second sock.  They are the same pattern but the texture shows much better on the lighter colored socks.  The pattern is Hermione's Everyday Socks and it is free from Ravelry.  The yarn is Regia exotic color Easter.

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  1. More great looking socks! I really like how the pattern works with the striped yarn. I need to try this soon....after I finish up another pair of big boring socks for my son -- LOL!

  2. I think I need to knit up this pattern, these socks look great. You have a very lucky friend.
    I love seeing your citrus trees and hope they are ok. Strange weather for sure!

  3. I love that pattern! I made a pair of those too, in a crazy yarn that didn't want to be anything else.

  4. You socks are lovely; I like the navy ones especially, not sure when I would wear the bold ones everyone is knitting. Glad that there are all kinds of socks to fit all kinds of people.
    I wish I had a pair of wool socks on! I wore a pr of my husbands hiking wool socks part of the day but they were too bulky to put my shoes on, so I took them off to drive and now it is time to go get them on.

  5. I love the socks! Beautiful citrus! We live on the MS gulf coast. I juiced and froze the last of the lemons--first year the tree produced, got about 20. We had tons of satsumas off one tree, and I need to do something with kumquats soon.