Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's on my feet?

Judy L, over on Patchwork Times is having a show us your socks day.  Check them out!

It is on the cool side here in Phoenix so I do actually have socks on.  These are one of the first pairs of socks I made about 2 years ago.  I picked up the yarn at Joann's and it is an inexpensive commercially made yarn.  You can wash and dry them with your regular laundry and they have worn well.  This is Paton's Stretch Sock Yarn which is a combination of cotton, wool, nylon, and elastic.  The color is mineral.  I did not have to do anything extra or change my methods for the elastic.  They are not as soft on the bottom of the feet though.

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  1. I stocked up on that yarn at a Black Friday sale a few years back and had forgotten about it until I read your post -- I really should pull it out and cast something on, shouldn't I?